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topshop goes stateside

By around the early 2000s, the massive London fashion flock pretty much hailed the very existence of their beloved British high street chain Topshop, considering that its frilly, fairly affordable runway knockoffs were only accessible for us fashion lovers through their U.K. website (leaving Manhattanites feeling rather afflicted by the dastardly exchange rate and whopping international shipping fees). But then, thankfully enough, Barneys New York eventually brought forth Kate Moss' debut line for Topshop back in 2007, and New Yorkers couldn't feel more blessed and fortunate - afterall, fashion is a bit like a religion in NYC.  The very first day of this line's arrival left Topshop fiends spilling all over Madison Avenue, in hopes to get a piece of the yummy pie.  Throngs of people crowded the Barney's floor, grabbing whatever they could get their hands on, until those Kate Moss racks were virtually emptied out. 

On a very happy note, however, New Yorkers don't have to worry about undergoing such "rumble and tumble" shopping. By late March, they will most certainly experience a sense of redemption with Soho's 25,000 square foot astronomic shopping hub opening its doors - fully equipped with a DJ booth suspended from the ceiling.  I must was a much-anticipated wait though since they initially proposed opening their grand doors by Fall of 2008.  

Nonetheless, I can't wait to drop in and see what's in store. Recently, I browsed through their website and made a list of some personal Topshop faves. Hopefully, they'll be lingering somewhere amidst the infinite clothing racks. We shall seeee! Check them out:

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Lainey said...

I am jealous of new yorkers right now...I really want the studded jacket.

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