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soho + noho

vintage leopard little fashion bird
vintage leopard little fashion bird
vintage leopard little fashion bird
vintage leopard little fashion bird
vintage leopard little fashion bird
vintage leopard little fashion bird
vintage leopard little fashion bird
vintage leopard little fashion bird

photos by Lucas
(Vintage leopard coat, Zara knit jumper, American Apparel dress, Bolivian weaved backpack, Topshop boots, H&M floppy hat, vintage tortoise sunnies)

Attempted to stroll around the usual round-up of shops around SoHo, but slippery sidewalks, arctic winds and my stubborn persistence to wear nothing but my platform 5-inchers, resulted in numerous cozy cafe stops for most of the day and ended with dinner at Cafe Gitane. It was a bit of a slushy mission trekking from Grand St. and Broadway to Mott St. and Prince, but well worth the legwork. Luckily, this toasty and fluffy vintage leopard coat compensated for those impractical Aggie boots I couldn't resist wearing. All in all, it was an undoubtedly delightful day. And to top it off, I devoured a massive dish that combined my foodie weaknesses- hummus, couscous, roasted eggplant and pesto oil. I'll end on that note. :)

cross my heart


So I've basically succumbed to an online shopping itch tonight and couldn't resist copping these little head and finger trinkets. Hopefully this itchiness will go away or else my debit card is doomed. Thought I'd share here. I've been wanting that glorious ring forever and a day now. Can't wait for the USPS santas to come-a-knockin' again. :)

wardrobe revisions


It's safe to say that I can finally cross out "closet makeover" off my new year's resolutions list. I've been meaning to make some changes to that little cramped nook for quite some time. It was in dire need of a bright face-lift. Surprisingly, a lot can be accomplished with a can of paint, brush, hammer and some monstrous nails. It took a measly two days for this mini renovation - only to find out that I am now officially obsessed with white-painted wood floors. I'm so tempted to whip out the brush and paint my entire room floor this tranquil shade, but my boyfriend's not too keen on the idea and fears that it might make our room feel like a psych ward. He might have a point but all I can envision is something purely zen-like. Here I decided to play "Selby" and take some snaps of my closet space. :)

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visual stimuli


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intricate cables


ph. by Lucas 
Alexander Wang bouclé wool cardigan, H&M floppy hat, Foley + Corinna city tote, Zara jeans, vintage tortoise sunnies, UO bird skull necklace, ASOS leopard clutch wallet 

This cardigan serves as a testament to my adoration for all things wool and chunky (a few quick shots, but I promise to showcase this beauty in more elaborate photos). This knit was yet another beautiful Christmas gift from my boyfriend, Lucas. There's an evident complexity here with these loopy bouclé sleeves + blouse-like rib-knit textures - all I can mutter about it is that it's pure genius.  The apparent ubiquity of Alexander Wang's pieces only highlight his designer greatness and I can never grow tired of wearing his clothes. I also bought a few other items with some holiday gift cards (featured in the last photo). I always seem to have this connection to accessories involving animal skulls and prints incorporating leopard. Also, I have a little addiction with ASOS these days. They never disappoint.

snowflakes set in stone


photos by Lucas Velozo
Zara wool poncho, H&M fur scarf, vintage clutch bag, Topshop boots, vintage tortoise sunglasses, Urban Outfitters chain hand cuff 

As much as I love pristine white winters, I think I'm pretty much done with all this unforgiving snow once it hits "black ice" phase. I never thought walking along sidewalks could be so terrifying, let alone maneuvering through ridiculous heaps of snow...just to take shots at this particular wall. It was composed of perfectly old and disheveled, cracked stone mixed with imperfectly spackled brick, which I thought meshed well with this cozy wool poncho. Luckily, my sweet boyfriend was a real trooper and was kind enough to withstand the painful winds during this little shoot. It was a good 20 freezing minutes outdoors before we decided to call it a day.  I seriously cannot wait for spring to peak its pretty face!

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