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claire greaves crib

After peeping these snapshots of the cool nic-nacs and personal little interior lovelies of fashion designer, Claire Greaves, I feel the urge to do yet another crib post of my own with a zoom-in view of some of my other adored treasures that I've picked up over time. Lately, I find myself completely enamored with vintage homewares more than usual. From mini 1950's fans, ceramic tea cups, ornately-framed mirrors, beautifully aged suitcases, vintage French chandeliers, etc., etc...I just can't get enough! You can imagine how I am whenever I stop to check out Anthropologie's home section (like a fat kid in a candy shop!).

source: russh magazine

bliss lau riot

Absolutely siccckkk looking bracelet from bonadrag! I love the concept. 

But is it possible to diy something like this? Hmmm. I wonder.

vicky cristina barcelona

Just want to express my absolute adoration for what I call a refreshingly dreamy kind of Woody Allen flick for the "acquired taste." The artistic aspiration (for which I couldn't get enough of) in the making of this film is strongly evident, offering up a breathtaking, postcard perfect scenic view of Spain, paired with a kind of "sensual lushness" that makes the idea of traveling through Barcelona so intoxicating - yeeaah, that's how deep this film was for me, can ya tell?! 

On another lovely note, the story smoothly develops into an intriguing portrait of the boundless scenarios in which love and true happiness can be found, which I really appreciated and could personally identify with in a sense.This flick has been out for a number of months already but for anyone who hasn't seen it yet, I highly recommend! Also, Penelope Cruz's flawless performance as the intensely volatile, yet insanely beautiful Maria Elena was by far my favorite bit.  All these elements combined with an abundance of sexy Spanish artworks, famous Gaudi architecture, and let's not forget the chill, laidback styling of each character (esp. Cruz's!) make for a perfect summer must-see!

Phew!  I  it.

sexy sweetness

For this summer, I'm thinking to rock more florals and eye-popping colours. Though blacks, greys, and whites will never ever grow old for me, it's due time to do some closet scanning and pull out my lovely pansy dresses, flowery bustiers, and high-waisted skirts in all sorts of perky hues. Btw, I'm loving the hair of these models big time !

Stay tuned for upcoming outfit posts! Just going to peep my wardrobe for a bit...

source : nylon magazine, nov 08
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