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clouded mirrors and white ruffles


photos by Lucas

H&M Fashion Against Aids white maxi dress
Levi's vintage denim jacket
 H&M faux fur scarf
eBay scored vintage hat
F21 rings
necklaces from my nana 

Whenever I would get dressed for anything lately, it seems that maxi dresses are virtually always included in the mix. Whether I pair them with an oversized sweater, cardigans or massive and cozy coats, it cuts prep time down to five minutes or less, which is a relief to my boyfriend! All it really needs is a trusty pair of thick-ish, opaque tights to shield bare legs underneath from the cold chill. From the looks of it, this particular style is like a contrast between spring and fall, which I really adore. Here, I'm wearing my absolute favorite white maxi dress that has unending levels of voluminous ruffled tiers - it's really quite entertaining to wear. Also that faux fur scarf was possibly the best $14 I've ever spent in H&M. I'm wondering if the matching $12 fur trapper hat is still available. Hmmm, you think?

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leather and layers


photos by Lucas

BCBG leather jacket
H&M denim vest and maxi dress
Handmade Bolivian bag (fleamarket in Ipanema)

On our way to do some errands, Lucas and I decided to whip out the camera for a brief photo session. To our surprise, the weather was perfectly sunny and warm-ish - a nice break from the incessantly windy and chilly days in good ol' Jersey and NYC. 

Here, I'm wearing a BCBG jacket that quite possibly stands as one of the oldest and treasured little fashion-related gifts from my parents. It's always hanging happily in my closet and is currently being used on heavy rotation. I remember begging them for this, which they thankfully gave me as a gift for my eighth grade graduation - yup, it's that freaking OLD! And thank God it still fits. I think this was inspired by my dad. He loved wearing vintage brown bomber jackets with the perfect hint of distressed leather and age. Actually, he always appreciated fashion and style in general- like father like daughter, I guess. :)

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stocking stuffers


little wish list
1. spirithoods full wolf hood
2. topshop laced wedges
3. topshop leopard laptop case
4. topshop leopard wallet
5. pamela love talon cuff
6. chanel nail trio
7. acne fur switzerland pouch
8. slow and steady bodega bag

 What's on your list for Christmas?

new wardrobe staple


Zara oversized knit
Forever 21 cheetah headband
vintage hat and scarf

I recently scored this chunky knit sweater from Zara last week and had to showcase it here right away (pardon the not so amazing photos, but I just got really excited to post). I already have envisioned in my mind the 100 or so ways that I'd like to incorporate this knit into different looks, so you'll probably be seeing it in many of my future posts. I promise to bring you better images of this little beauty. When it comes to thick sweaters I've always been super picky, especially since I loathe anything that feels even remotely itchy or sheds like a furry animal.  Thankfully, this one doesn't fall into those categories. I even love the fact that it's oversized, which allows for perfect off the shoulder access.

snug as a bug


photography by Lucas

H&M chunky knit
Forever 21 ribbed black dress and wedges
Anna Corinna city tote
Gap scarf
Russian hat (fleamarket find)

I love the cloudy, gray days of autumn, especially when the leaves turn into those perfect shades of red and burnt orange - they just seem to amplify the streets with a burst of holiday colors.  But what I love most about this weather is the fact that I get free reign to happily proclaim my love for all things chunky, knitted and furry. It's almost to the point where I just want to wear them during waking and sleeping hours, especially this Russian hat I've been obsessing over. I also bought some new chunky sweaters from Zara, which are pure heaven (will post those photos shortly). Their fall collections are beyond words. It's as if I have to pry myself off the racks in fear that I'll max out my credit cards. As far as footwear, I'm a true follower of Forever 21 - their shoes never cease to amaze. I scored these studded wedges right before they sold out in September, and let me just say - I never thought running across busy streets with five inchers, while feeling totally comfortable and in control was ever possible. This pair proved me wrong.

lanvin for h&m

video clip via nitrolicious

Words can't begin to express my adoration for this Lanvin for H&M fashion show/short film. I'm highly anticipating the arrival of this collection, which is slated to hit US stores on November 20 and then worldwide on November 23. Mark your calendars! I will surely be darting to my nearest H&M in NYC when it arrives!

On my radar: the insanely ruffled one-shoulder chartreuse dress, as well as the black one with the perfectly pouffed shoulder.
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