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cut it out

Ever since Wasson debuted her RVCA collection for Spring '09, which I must say (again) was completely rad and very much what I would wear on a casual every day basis, her clothes weren't the only pieces that left me insanely gaga and fixated. They were also most certainly the boooots! At the moment, my fashion loves all seem to shift towards "the cutouts, the bleached-outs, the worn-outs, the meshes, the zippers, the frayed," and basically anything that exudes age, character, with some added edge and a definite broken-in vibe. And Wasson's models are rocking one of the coolest cutout footwear I've ever seen, which is right on point with the effortless, chill style of her designs. 

Adding to what seems to be an unending Springtime wardrobe wishlist, I'm really feelin' these cutout boots (very similar to the RVCA gals) by UO's Colonial Madness. This line is from an exclusive collabo with UO and designer Tiffany Tuttle (from the hip LD Tuttle), so it comes as no surprise on just how retail-enticing her shoes are! I only wish that the boot zippers were on the sides rather than the back because I'm really liking how the models are sporting their version. buy or not to buy? 

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