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a nude frenzy - stella mccartney RTW spring 2009

I must say...I can't seem to take my eyes off her Spring 2009 collection. While I've always been a fan of such color palettes (beiges, buffs, apricots), the evident opalescence and effortless sex appeal that exudes these pieces take the idea of rockin' the nudes and neutrals to a higher, sexier, much more chic level. And this particular collection is a testament to McCartney's sheer brilliance and masterful approach towards expressing the aura of what it means to be a cool, confident, self-assured woman.

What I also admire is that although these looks are a bit revealing and require some doses of one's own provocative playfulness and a tip-top physique, they are all quite wearable and very sensible, especially for the upcoming sweltering days of summer. Because really, who wants to be stuck in skin-tight attire 24/7? The slouchy, oversized tailoring is not only ultra-chill but also perfect for the hot weather, giving that tanned, supple skin some room to breathe. One of my favorites that I would most definitely rock is the milky mauve oversized boyfriend jacket with strong shoulders, pushed up sleeves, paired with a pretty white cocktail dress.

Another aspect that caught my eye is McCartney's new footwear line, which is simply amazing. I love how strappy, nude stilettos give the illusion of longer, sleeker legs that seem to "go on for days." And while not everyone can strut down the streets with short trench coveralls, it's nice to know that she also incorporated some must-have cropped pants in the mix. All in all, while McCartney has surely kept to her trademark, offering ultimate sexy, refreshing, cool-girl style with a functional twist, her Spring 2009 collection definitely rocks in more ways than one. Go nude!

By Lauren Baluyo


mary jane said...

ho my gosh u are a fashion victim!! that is so cool!! i love your blog

Jordan said...

oh god so brilliant!
your blog is amazing

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