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wild things worth having


On the wishlist:
Alexander Wang Leopard Diego bag and Acne Leopard Switzerland zip pouch

and then there was you


Still debating on what little pretty crystal thing to hang around my neck. And then I came across these Pamela Love cobra babies today and now I'm even more stumped! I'd buy them all if only I could but have to be kind to my wallet for awhile. Holy crap, all her stuff is amazing.

which one which one???


These have been on my mind for awhile. Beautiful gems. But which one is best?!
Damn it, I want them all. Help me choose please.

my happy little sights


who cares about the clouds when we're together?

DSC_0378(wearing H&M apricot blouse and faux fur scarf, Anna Corinna city tote, F21 high waist jeans and rings, Jessica Simpson Dany platforms)

 Can't get enough of these current and very random loves (again may I stress this is absolutely RANDOM):

Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro in Steel Grey and Stiletto Red
Everything apricot-colored 
Lychee bubble tea smoothies
La Tasca tapas in DC
Goldie London dresses
Metallic hues
Laughing hysterically over the little things to the point of tears with my bf
Big hair and cat-like eyes
Coffee table fashion books
Open-backed tea dresses
Cozy 24 hour diners 
Olives, cheeses, and crackers
Air conditioners
Spontaneous naps
Chai tea lattes
Lemon-scented candles

in the garden my soul is sunshine


(wearing vintage blazer, zara sundress, F21 jewelry)

These days are looking lovelier by the minute, so need to start some to-dos asaaaap:

  1. get back to a rigorous workout schedule (and keep FAR AWAY from the chocolate cheesecake and coconut marshmallow "sno ball" seductions!!!)
  2. consider a possible juice detox diet for a few days (if I can manage to find the willpower to steer clear of solid yummy foods). oh, and if you guys have any input or personal experience from these kind of diets, I'd love to hear them.
  3. prep for a much-anticipated holiday with Lucas (Hawaii baby!)
  4. begin my seasonal closet cleanup
  5. ebay some vintage and designer pieces
  6. scoop up some floral tea dresses
  7. save up for an Isabel Marant purse
and..... I'm sure there's more but it's a sweet-looking Sunday, so I'm off to do a little NYC strolling here and there. Ciao for now. :)

beaming through the sakura


wearing H&M rose pink chiffon blouse, F21 wide leg jeans, Primark tan clutch (a £2 score, literally), and Dany heels (sorry that they're hiding here)

My bf took some quick shots of me under these two perfectly angelic cherry blossom trees on our way to an Easter brunch at my cousin's house. This rather old yet cherished rosie pink blouse (another blessed H&M score) just happened to pair up well as I was passing by those lovely beauties. :)

ps - the US needs to consider erecting some Primark stores in the very NEAR future! Every time I make what seems like an everyday shopping pit stop in their stores (while I visit the UK), I find my heart constantly succumbing to retail palpitations. Their prices are ridiculously unbelievable. Just imagine...handbags and jewelry for £1-2, or slouchy Sienna-style boots for £8. Oh sweet heaven!

cocktails and cobblestone roads

(wearing vintage boy's blazer, F21 babydoll cutout dress, Proenza Schouler PS1 bag, H&M shield sunglasses, Jeffrey Campbell clogs that I can't seem to ever take off!)

Ok, just to recap a little...this Easter weekend was pretty delightful to say the least. If there's one thing I love more than anything it's spending quality moments with people I love, catching up on old times with the familia, reminiscing on stories when we were scruffy and odd little kids, and scarfing down on loads of Filipino food and ever so sweet Port wine. Can't help but feel a bit sappy these past couple of days.

Also, spent a lovely Friday with my boyfriend Lucas just strolling through SoHo, NYC and addictively ogling the many street vendors that were sprawled throughout Broadway and Prince Streets. If I could get my hands on leather triple roped bracelets in every hue, ornate rock star rings, and a myriad of pendant and charmed necklaces, I'd scoop them up in a HEART BEAT. We concluded our day with a lovely dinner and champagne cocktails at Barmarché. Their grilled shrimp salad and steak frites were out of this world scrumptious.

Took some streetstyle shots of some awesomely stylish people as well...stay tuned for those upcoming posts!

ps: If you guys find yourself debating on those JC's a little tip from me, BUY THEM if you still can. They're ridiculously comfortable, quirky, and you'll find yourself walking the entire day not feeling an ounce of pain.

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