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all over acne

I’ve been a loyal fan of Swedish designers Acne Jeans for quite some time, keeping up a keen eye not only on their skilled take on quality denim cuts, but also on their womens collection, which I must say has yet to fail me. As their new collections roll in every season, my eyes can’t help but reel at the somewhat uber-cool simplicity that each piece conveys. It’s like the kind of clothes you’d scope out in some hot, downtown girl’s closet…you know, the ones that strut through Nolita or the Lower East Side, making you stop to wonder “Damn, I love how she pulled that off!”
The story on how these cool Swedes came together to launch their new brand is pretty interesting. Initially, they designed 100 pairs of jeans back in 1997 simply as gifts for their families, friends, and small client base. Made from quality raw denim and embellished with striking red thread, there was no doubt that these designers would be making a nice niche for themselves in the denim industry. As the buzz inevitably spread on just how amazingly talented they were, buyers by the bundles began to request their small line, and so began the cult following!

These are some of my personal favorite looks from their current line

(the black see-through striped pants and slashed trousers are at the tippity-top of my list):


Lainey said...

although I love everything about their line-i can't stop staring at the shoes all the models are wearing.

The beautiful and glammed said...

love this label, thanks for posting the looks! cool blog coming from a new follower! x

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