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the oc

amazing looks. and i can't stop eyeing those black lace-up mesh wedges!

miss lazareanu

i heart irina...

and i'm liking her simple, fresh style in these polaroids.

safe to say...i do think springtime has finally reared its pretty face today in nyc (let's hope it decides to stay). time to resurface those easy, breezy white eyelet dresses and frilly tops. here, i love how irina gives this dress a little twist with black tights and heels.

message in a bottle

//photography by candace meyer//

...sweet and breathtaking..

spot on denim

//siwy spring-summer 2009 collection//


rugged chic

//Kate Moss Cover by Inez and Vinoodh//

french vogue april 2008

(not so recent shots, but just adoring the concept and kate's execution here)

red lips. wavy locks.

Two elements I'll always love.

Gemma and Lily lookin hot as ever.

//i-D feb 2008 issue//

can't stop. won't stop.

I cannot end a day without a daily hit of some Miss Erin. Yes. I know. She's all over the style scene, and to some, slowly becoming a bit ubiquitous and played out. But who cares...she iz cool beans to me! 

hot tee - if you aint a cowboy you aint shit

cut it out

Ever since Wasson debuted her RVCA collection for Spring '09, which I must say (again) was completely rad and very much what I would wear on a casual every day basis, her clothes weren't the only pieces that left me insanely gaga and fixated. They were also most certainly the boooots! At the moment, my fashion loves all seem to shift towards "the cutouts, the bleached-outs, the worn-outs, the meshes, the zippers, the frayed," and basically anything that exudes age, character, with some added edge and a definite broken-in vibe. And Wasson's models are rocking one of the coolest cutout footwear I've ever seen, which is right on point with the effortless, chill style of her designs. 

Adding to what seems to be an unending Springtime wardrobe wishlist, I'm really feelin' these cutout boots (very similar to the RVCA gals) by UO's Colonial Madness. This line is from an exclusive collabo with UO and designer Tiffany Tuttle (from the hip LD Tuttle), so it comes as no surprise on just how retail-enticing her shoes are! I only wish that the boot zippers were on the sides rather than the back because I'm really liking how the models are sporting their version. buy or not to buy? 

homie love

Currently, I just can't seem to get enough of The Selby, checking up on the site on a ritual basis. The amazing and inspiring photographic collections of the world's most interesting people shot within their own creative havens is truly a cool and clever concept! 

//my fave is isabelle mcnally's quirky, cozy crib//  

mister mc hammer

wearing my "mc hammer" high-waisted harem pants by H&M, Zara gladiator platforms, UO black/white striped tank, cross pendant necklace, vintage Seiko watch, and Forever 21 silver rings


slow and steady wins the race

Sooo, just thought to share with you guys that I was feeling a bit "retail impulsive" the other day, and dropped in to my trusty Urban Outfitters on 14th St. to check out what goodies they had in store. Happily, I came across Mary Ping's collabo line with UO called Cool, Casual, by Slow and Steady Wins the Race, and completely fell for this mesh sweatshirt/tunic piece with cutout shoulders. 

I checked this out on the website beforehand and wasn't that impressed, considering I could just buy a cheap Hanes oversized sweatshirt or go to American Apparel and do some DIY to copy this design. However, when I saw it up close and personal, it was definitely better than I thought. The black mesh layer over cotton feels soft and a bit luxurious, and at the moment, I love anything with black mesh...quite sexay! It's also extremely cozy. I could curl myself into a ball in this oversized thing and have a good nap..haha. All in all, a very satisfying purchase. Now I must resist all forms of retail temptation and SAVE what little moolah I have (back to closet shopping for moi).

wearing the UO tunic with Zara gladiator platforms, H&M den tights, and a mix of silver rings, bracelets, necklaces (some vintage, some Forever 21)

one rad chick.

///tallulah morton rocks!///

papa don't preach

Ok, so I know this post is very random, but I've been listening to some old favorite tunes from back in the '80s, and came across this one on my ipod. This song was pretty much on "loop" in my cassette player from back in the day, just because I loved it THAT much. And now, watching her original video once again, I can't help but admire Madonna's ultra-chill take on style...those outfits and that sexy, slightly boy-ish platinum-blonde hair, maaaaan....ah, it leaves me feeling a bit speechless. Love it! And hope you guys enjoy it too!

harking back to the classics à la lauren hutton

For decades, the much-adored, translucent 70s super model and one of fashion's most iconic figures, Lauren Hutton, has been revered incessantly for her phenomenally chic, masculine take on style. And, along with her star predecessors like Kate Hepburn, Greta Garbo, and Marlene Dietrich, Hutton most certainly put a stamp on key fashion staples like the Oxford shirt, wide leg trousers, safari jackets, panama hats, and rugged boots - defining what true, classic style is all about.
At the moment, I find myself sort of idolizing the "Lauren Hutton-esque" sort of look, rocking traditional pleated, cropped trousers paired with a perfectly tailored jacket, and a really worn out, loose cotton tee. There's definitely something classically sexy about this kind of mix, especially when combined with some platform ankle boots or possibly a slinky, fierce pair of stilettos.

Street style photos via Garance Doré

proenza schouler S/S 09

The fashion industry's "It-boys," Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez showcase their Spring 2009 collection with a vengeance so to speak. Putting their usual prettier, feminine frocks to the side for the time being, these guys brought along a more upbeat, 80s kind of vibe to each of their pieces. With models strutting down the runway (with pouty red lips, quirky round sunglasses, and evident Jerry Hall-ish flowing hair), Proenza Schouler executed this collection in the form of bold, broad shoulders, funky jumpsuits, silky parachute pants, high-waists, vintagey dresses, hardcore leathers, and a definite, gutsy take on the dolman sleeve.

Although a number of these pieces can be quite wearable, I don't think this collection is meant for the faint-hearted. Though it seems their exposed bra-cup tops and dresses still stand as their trademark hit, I just think this particular collection does comes across as a definite head-turner and deserves a worthy mention. What do you guys think?

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