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noho bound

Little Fashion Bird Lauren Baluyo Modtoast YSL inspired ring
Little Fashion Bird Lauren Baluyo Modtoast YSL inspired ring
Little Fashion Bird Lauren Baluyo Modtoast YSL inspired ring
(Levi's boyfriend jeans, H&M top and bracelets, American Apparel clutch, Topshop boots, YSL-inspired ring courtesy of Modtoast)

I think it's due time for some new wardrobe creativity. For a number of weeks, I find myself (unintentionally) resorting to pretty much the same sort of ensemble before dashing out the door-- cuffed up pants/summer tank/suede booties/clutch. In terms of dressing efficiency and comfort, it's a win/win situation, but perhaps it's time to whip out those summer dresses and sandals for a slight change. Here, I'm sporting two recent little additions that have never left my side from day one: the AA pink leather clutch, which I proudly displayed a couple posts down and this YSL-inspired ring from my lady friend Terri at Modtoast (I currently have the turquoise and coral ones). Both accessories come in a spectrum of tempting colors and I'm finding it quite hard to resist the idea of buying them all. 

You can get the ring at Modtoast's shop here -- you'll fall in love as every ring conveys its own special quality. Also, be sure to take a peak at her Pamela Love-esque pieces...they're well worth it!)

top 25

bh 4
(sources: AngelikaBlick, VanillaScented, ElinKling, SexforBreakfast, KnightCat, Fashiontoast)

Summer Essentials:
  1. Vintage Levi's cutoffs
  2. Isabel Marant Dicker booties
  3. Soft pinks
  4. High-waists
  5. Go-to basic black heels
  6. White-floored spaces
  7. Alexander Wang clutch
  8. Simple t-strap sandals
  9. Light-blue skinnies
  10. More white spaces
  11. Bottle-vased flowers
  12. Diptyque candles
  13. Free People lace shorts
  14. White crochet
  15. Sun-kissed beach hair
  16. Black leather shorts
  17. Rodarte x Opening Ceremony booties
  18. White boyfriend shirt
  19. Bright orange shift dress
  20. Stars/Moon accessories
  21. Colorful leather zip clutches
  22. Crystal necklaces
  23. Fluorescent palettes 
  24. Balenciaga cut out boots
  25. Nixon gold watch

on rotation

Little Fashion Bird Atsuyo Et Akiko American Apparel Pink Clutch
American Apparel pink clutch, Atsuyo Et Akiko tote

Found myself using these bags on heavy rotation. While shooting in the Meatpacking, I saw that tote hanging on the display window in Yoya and immediately popped in the store and had to have it. Plus, all profits go to the relief efforts for the earthquake in Japan and tsunami in the Pacific, so all the more reason to have one. You can also buy it here. The AA leather clutch is something that I think everyone should least in one color. The soft leather and quality surpasses the price tag. I'm thinking to buy more in black, tan and fluorescent pink. The one I have now has a soft blush tone that's versatile with all sorts of looks. And I'm hoping they'll bring back the cotton candy colors, because those were a pair of beauties. 

bryant park

Little Fashion Bird Lauren Baluyo
Little Fashion Bird Lauren Baluyo
Little Fashion Bird Lauren Baluyo
Little Fashion Bird Lauren Baluyo
Little Fashion Bird Lauren Baluyo
Little Fashion Bird Lauren Baluyo
(Free People jumper, Topshop antique boots, Atsuyo Et Akiko "JE T'AiME JAPON" tote, Modtoast and UO rings)

Spontaneous snapshots at Bryant Park. The weather this week has been far too desert-like. Yet staying indoors is just not an option on days like these. Even though opting somewhere near air-con access would seem like the rational and sane thing to do, I just LOVE summers out in NYC, no matter how sweltering it gets. I'm guessing this may be due to recent post-work organic picnics to watch the sunset, last minute date nights and aimless long walks from uptown to downtown.

simply irresistible

little fashion bird zara pointed black court shoes heels
Zara S/S 11 Pointed Court Shoes

These will go down as one of the most timeless designs that Zara has ever created. This style has some kind of seductive, yet classic "power suit" appeal circa 1990 (love the cut out sides).  I naturally envision Robert Palmer's "Simply Irresistible" video whenever I look at them. They made their debut in May and, much to my dismay, were instantaneously sold out within a week's time! It wasn't surprising though to eventually find them popping up on eBay for almost triple what their worth -- and yes, I ALMOST succumbed to my notorious impulsive shopper mode until last Monday. I managed to find three pairs hiding below some sweeping maxi dresses, with only one left in my size. Hallelujah to Zara's Herald Square!  :)

friday walkabout

little fashion bird lauren baluyo atsuyo et akiko
little fashion bird lauren baluyo
little fashion bird lauren baluyo
(H&M top, vintage Levi's, Topshop Antique boots, Atsuyo Et Akiko tote, Modtoast rings)

A few things to share: lengthy and very random walks (and frequent pitstops) around NYC with my boyfriend makes for serene, worthwhile moments; made a sporadic visit to a salon and opted for summer highlights in the lightest shade possible (and soon realizing, "damn, I love going blonde!"); rummaging my closet for a pair of remotely comfortable shoes and rediscovering how much I love my Topshop Antique boots (mostly for its comfort factor and partly for its Isabel Marant-ish clone-like resemblance); strawberry daifuku is a lethal substance; love the euphoria of cooking in the kitchen, experimenting and whipping up healthy vegetarian dishes that put smiles on Lucas' handsome face. 
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