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soho polar bear


eBay vintage fur coat, H&M black mesh top, Rumi Neely x RVCA triad tank, thrifted leather backpack

These are a couple post-shots of last week's much-anticipated Alexander Wang sample sale in NYC. I was anxious to take the most sporadic photos walking along SoHo with Lucas, but the frigid, almost face-knawing cold climate made it nearly impossible to whip out the cam. I don't even know how I managed to queue up for over an hour just to dive into those blessed sale bins and racks. I'm so happy I did though because I not only scored a tan cocoon cardi, gray knit romper and maxi dresses, but was also shot and interviewed by street style photographers like Sarah Cates of Refinery29 (here) and Marie Claire Andrea of AM New York - it was quite surreal. Ended the shopping trip early at a Starbucks on Spring and Crosby just cozying up with a warm cup of peppermint mocha and my trusty laptop. :)

xx Lauren

mary ellen


Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony 
Mary Ellen 
love at first sight.
find it here

got it from my mama


gifts from my mom's trip to Portugal

Almost forgot to post these little babies. I guess this is just a little testament to how awesome my mom really is - she knows my style all TOO well! She decided to take a last-minute vacation with her friends (a strictly girls-week out trip) to Portugal and came back with loads of sugary goodies + these perfect metal cuffs and knuckle rings for me (a flea market score). The turquoise arm cuff is my favorite, but then again, I love them all and I love my mama!  :)

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xx Lauren

donna karan pre-fall 11/12


Favorites from Donna Karan pre-fall 11/12

These looks fuel incredible amounts of inspiration as the days get colder and more unbearable in NYC. I was immediately floored upon first glance. The color schemes of taupe, greys and rugged, woodsy browns scream perfection and it doesn't just stop there. From the long and skimming silhouettes of these neutral dresses, oversized jumpers with long, woolly sleeves that consume one's hands, wrap-around leather belts to distressed leather - I simply cannot ask for a more perfect winter style. Now, it's time for me to take such inspiration, work some magic in my closet and improvise!

1 front street / brooklyn


photos by Lucas Velozo and Michael Mendoza

(wearing vintage fur coat, AA interlock asymmetrical dress, F21 faux leather jacket, Jessica Simpson shoes)

Last week, I had the opportunity to be interviewed by the gorgeous Mari Twins of the awesomely hip TV program, iVive H20 at 1 Front Street in Brooklyn. I was so happy, not to mention immensely flattered to hear that they loved Little Fashion Bird. I have to admit though - as excited as I was at the thought of being filmed during the interview, I was initially a shy and nervous ball of wreck. But the team at iVive H20 were simply amazing and I'm so grateful to have met the lovely Mari Twins. We chatted over our current fashion obsessions, which included our adoration for all things vintage, our trusty platform heels and our love for bangles and cuffs (the more that's stacked over our wrists, the better!). Many sincere thanks to you guys!  (you can follow their fan page here)

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xx Lauren

dark leopard shadows


photos by Lucas

Zara leopard coat
Forever 21 ribbed tank dress & dreamcatcher necklace
Jessica Simpson Dany heels

Well it's safe to say that proper insomnia has officially set in as I type up this blog post at nearly 4am.  Is it wrong that I'm feeling more dedicated these days to fashion blogging than focusing on my actual work? I can't help but feel a little guilty for wanting to scour all my favorite blogs out there rather than meet my article deadlines. And adding to even more distractions, I love doing shoots with Lucas at the most random hours of the night whenever I feel the slightest bit inspired. Here, I'm wearing my favorite leopard jacket that never fails to keep me warm and toasty throughout the day. I really like the subtle hints of dark heather grey on it too. Another little piece that leaves me obsessed is this dreamcatcher necklace by Forever 21 - a $10 score that I'm so proud to call my own. 

Forever never let me down, you're awesome. ;)

By the way, I'd like to thank everyone for your sweet comments on my previous posts. Really makes me smile all the time to hear your thoughts on my blog. Now time to catch a few hours of Zzzz's. 

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clouded mirrors and white ruffles


photos by Lucas

H&M Fashion Against Aids white maxi dress
Levi's vintage denim jacket
 H&M faux fur scarf
eBay scored vintage hat
F21 rings
necklaces from my nana 

Whenever I would get dressed for anything lately, it seems that maxi dresses are virtually always included in the mix. Whether I pair them with an oversized sweater, cardigans or massive and cozy coats, it cuts prep time down to five minutes or less, which is a relief to my boyfriend! All it really needs is a trusty pair of thick-ish, opaque tights to shield bare legs underneath from the cold chill. From the looks of it, this particular style is like a contrast between spring and fall, which I really adore. Here, I'm wearing my absolute favorite white maxi dress that has unending levels of voluminous ruffled tiers - it's really quite entertaining to wear. Also that faux fur scarf was possibly the best $14 I've ever spent in H&M. I'm wondering if the matching $12 fur trapper hat is still available. Hmmm, you think?

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leather and layers


photos by Lucas

BCBG leather jacket
H&M denim vest and maxi dress
Handmade Bolivian bag (fleamarket in Ipanema)

On our way to do some errands, Lucas and I decided to whip out the camera for a brief photo session. To our surprise, the weather was perfectly sunny and warm-ish - a nice break from the incessantly windy and chilly days in good ol' Jersey and NYC. 

Here, I'm wearing a BCBG jacket that quite possibly stands as one of the oldest and treasured little fashion-related gifts from my parents. It's always hanging happily in my closet and is currently being used on heavy rotation. I remember begging them for this, which they thankfully gave me as a gift for my eighth grade graduation - yup, it's that freaking OLD! And thank God it still fits. I think this was inspired by my dad. He loved wearing vintage brown bomber jackets with the perfect hint of distressed leather and age. Actually, he always appreciated fashion and style in general- like father like daughter, I guess. :)

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stocking stuffers


little wish list
1. spirithoods full wolf hood
2. topshop laced wedges
3. topshop leopard laptop case
4. topshop leopard wallet
5. pamela love talon cuff
6. chanel nail trio
7. acne fur switzerland pouch
8. slow and steady bodega bag

 What's on your list for Christmas?

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