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freedom 90

Back in 1990, solo pop artist George Michael came out with a ridiculously hot, and undoubtedly memorable tune called, Freedom 90. I remember bopping around the house to this song when I was a little kid, not to mention his other hits like Father Figure and Faith. And, during that time, the fashion scene was a much more upbeat, slightly scandalous zone (from what I picked up), which made the industry a seemingly more appealing, sexier place to be. The models back in those days, or better known as the "Supers"(Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington, etc.), ruled the catwalks, while attaining powerful, worldwide celebrity status.

This video was, and still is, a true declaration of fashion and style from back in the day.

ps - my apologies for the sponsor ads (they can be freakin annoying), but couldn't embed a youtube clip, since many were disabled.


Lisa said...

It was such a different time when this video came out. Fashion and music seemed much more enjoyable, I guess partly because there was no internet scrutiny. The models were larger than life...bold, fierce and fun. I never knew until a few years later that the mesmerizing blonde in the video was Linda Evangelista. Anyway, you've got me reminiscing. I love this video and the times it represents. Thank you.

deltay said...


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