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ode to zippers

For the past month or so, every single time I'd make my regular little visits to our much-adored AA store, I found myself consistently ogling their nylon zipper pants, but never doing much about it. Though I always walk in with the intent to purchase something of theirs that's just a bit more fun and unique, I always walk out with another trusty piece from their tri-blend line (cuz seriously, who can get enough of those?). This time, however, I just couldn't resist those zippers, so I copped a pair! And I must say..."me likey!" Thinking about it, any piece that conveys a slight hardcore, biker-chick sort of edge (motorcycle boots, metal studded jackets and pants), gets me every time. And the cool factor about these pants is you can adjust the zippers to as high and low as you like.
(worn here with: vintage evan picone wool blazer, kate moss for topshop tank, bakers platform pumps, and forever 21 coin bracelets)

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Lainey said...

I love those leggings!!! I'm gonna have to grab a pair for myself. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I can't wait see more from you! :)

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