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black milk cages & chains

how amazingly dope are these?!

I haven't been too crazy about leggings lately, but I reeeallly don't mind copping a pair of these James Lillis caged beauties. Sadly, there are only 20 available at the moment, and come in your choice of gold or silver chains. Hmmm... I wonder if I could pull off a little diy project myself with some AA leggings and some links of metal.

sweetheart denim

Urban Outfitters' collabs just seem to be getting better and better. I've been on a little hunt lately for some cool, slip-on-and-go dresses, and one of my current faves is this strapless jean dress byCORPUS. I love this piece for its sweetheart neckline and high-waisted cut. But also because, for some apparent reason, I feel like I'm channeling the '80s (like Rick Springfield mixed in with a bit of Madonna and George Michael) when I wear it. Haha! Yeeeah. I'm a weirdo.

next on the summer list:  
(floral pansy-ish tea dresses and bustiers, beige platform wedges, and a pair of "Rachel Comey-like" super chunky clogs)

my cozy crib

at times, during those crazy, head-spinning kind of days, it's sweet to come home and unwind in your own personal space. just thought to share my little cozy sanctuary with you guys. i painted the room a bold and risky peacock blue not too long ago. a little scary at first, but i've grown to love it and the chill aura it gives out. and, as you can also see, i absolutely love scouring flea markets, thrift shops, the ever-so-addicting etsy shop, etc., picking up little one-of-a-kind nic nacs along the way, esp. through my travels. one of my faves is the "Keep Calm And Carry On" poster that I purchased awhile back from sfgirlbybay's etsy shop (thanks again!). at the moment, however, i've been a bit obsessed with collecting fashion mags (current and vintage issues), and soon i'll have a nice little library, oozing of them. whoohoo!

outfit: F21 acid-wash jeans, AA tee, vintage harve benard blazer, H&M lace up booties

much love,

peep my ebay closet.

Sooo, I've grown to love my little hobby called "ebay selling," and hopefully in the very near future, I'll create my first little official willowgirlnyc store on their site. I've picked up a few cool, rare vintage finds while in the city, rummaged a bit during my "bi-annual" closet clean up, and found some awesome things that I think the whole ebay community of fashion/vintage lovers might deem cool and interesting. 

Here are some of what I've listed so far. Check out the others here.

two sweet signs

source: russh magazine

russh magazine . issue 26

I was rummaging through my fashion mag shelves the other day (bear in mind, I'm one of those who virtually never chucks any precious issue in the trash), and was flipping through issue 26 of Australia's Russh Magazine, which proudly features South Africa's big time up-and-comer Behati Prinsloo. I skimmed this issue briefly while on my routine hops on the R train, but didn't really pour in the time and appreciation that this issue rightfully deserves. This time, however, I sat down and pierced each and every page much more intently. The styling in these editorials were undoubtedly spot on, oooooozing with unending sex appeal and edge, yet paired with a sense of nonchalance and "coolness" that makes fashion spreads, for me at least, more exciting when they're not so over-the-top or "fantastical". And after peeping Russh's online site as well, I think it's safe to say that this magazine has climbed to the very top of my list of mag faves.


Just wanted to share some of the photos. It's THAT gooood! 

an F21 score

these past couple of weeks have been a bit nuts! hope to post more consistently in the next few days. anyways, just thought to showcase my recent purchase....these F21 strappy buckled chunky heels. I was on a search for the Chloe Sevigny OC pair, but came across these while browsing their 34th St locale with no intention to buy anything in particular. Obviously, they're not anywhere as bangin' as the OCs but for $28 I can't complain. pretty comfy too.

worn here with vintage white buttoned shirt and H&M pleated cropped pants...

from oxford with love,

just thought to share some recent scenic pics from my trip to oxford, uk to visit my bf and his fam. it's a beautiful, breathtaking place filled with alot of brilliant people...literally. haha! 

i do heart oxford... 

(relaxing on the grounds of the gorgeous Headington Hill Hall...where he takes his classes.)

so fresh and so clean.

i'm admiring absolutely everything about this young lady's style. 

desperately seeking you

at the moment, i've been on a little mission to find the perfectly efficient, laidback, go-anywhere kind of bag, and i'm constantly finding myself peeping this leather rucksack. since it's virtually sold out already (and even if it's still out there, i def couldn't afford it), i've currently been ebaying, googling, and flea marketing in a desperate pursuit to cop a 
black. leather. zippered & buckled. rucksack.  

aah, where are you?!

taylor momsen - nylon may 09

channeling very debbie harry-esque moments in these pics. but i still can't get over that she's only 15 years old!!! holy jeebus.

source: tfs

miss zoe

Zoe Kravitz attending The Cinema Society and Links of London screening of "The Mysteries of Pittsburgh" in NYC
diggin' her look - rich, chunky bangs in a dark brown hue, "shanghai red" lips, and fair skin. she's an undoubtedly gorgeous chick.


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