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finding peace in the summer heat


photography by Lucas Velozo and me
 Givenchy-esque bandage platform wedges (Anna Kastle)
Crochet bell-sleeve boho dress (Papillon Vintage)
Louis Vuitton crossbody bag (courtesy of my lovely mama)
H&M feather necklace
Jessica Simpson Dany platforms

As if these photos couldn't get more random...but perhaps consider this my photo collage of current little fashion loves that recently entered my life coupled with the new paint job to my "humble abode." First off, I can't stress enough about how much I'm idolizing this long-time fabric favorite we all know as crochet. Whenever I'm scouring shops for a quick retail fix I always find some cosmic magnetic pull to this style, whether it be in the form of dresses, frilly blouses, headbands and even swimwear. Next up are my most recent addition, those yummy chiffon platform wedges in the first two photos -- while I sincerely adore the fierce Givenchy wedges to death, these pleasantly satiate my shoe craving without damaging my wallet. Also, they're remarkably comfortable as though I'm walking on chic marshmallows.

Did a fresh new paint job to my crib space with a calming hue of "Greek Villa" white. With the summer heat beating upon us, I felt the need to find another outlet of "cooling down" since the AC wasn't always enough. I posted my room awhile back (check it out here) when it was a bold peacock blue-ish color (inspired by Bradshaw lol). Now I think after several spontaneous paint jobs (and there were MANY), this white hue whispers complete perfection, especially when paired with my classic "Keep Calm and Carry On" poster that I'll cherish for life (thanks to SFGIRLBYBAY).

PS: First awesome GIVEAWAY (retailing for $359.99)
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reece hudson - fall 2010


Reece Hudson Lookbook 

That awesomely delightful black clutch needs to find its way home to me by the fall. 

exclusive interview with proenza schouler

An exclusive interview with the rad designer duo behind Proenza Schouler. The designers share their inspiration and design process behind the one-of-a-kind, timeless PS1 satchels, which have become insanely iconic to say the least. I owned a glorious black one, but sadly had to resell it in order to build funds for school and travel expenses. Now, I want one again -- aaah, the woes of trying to control my fashion addiction.

Currently, Net-a-Porter has the PS1 available in awesome colors.

Click on the image below to check out their current satchel lovelies :)

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old brick alley ways


photography by Lucas Velozo

H&M racerback maxi and sunglasses
eBay vintage leather backpack (I'd like to believe it's A. Wang)
Anne Michelle "bargain!" platform booties
Express black sheer blouse
vintage cross necklace (courtesy of my nana)
Marc Jacobs Maripol spring ring
H&M and F21 rings

My boyfriend, Lucas, recently spoiled me with an awesome new lens for our Nikon, so (as you can see) we went a bit snapshot crazy outside this time. I'm looking forward to much more personal style photos with this baby, particularly since our Brazil trip is heading upon us in about 2 measly little weeks! 

I haven't really rounded up a "what to pack" (or otherwise wear) checklist yet, but from the looks of it, I'm leaning towards these trusty, no-fuss maxi style dresses (both the girly, boho kinds and the clean, minimal racerback ones). I recently picked up this heather-grey-oatmeal-ish colored simple dress at H&M a couple days ago, and I'm not sure whether it's the supple soft feel I love more or the fact that it cut my "get ready and go" time to a mere 3 minutes at most. I love those moments when I'm not standing in my closet, twiddling my fingers and actually believing in my head, "I have nothing to wear." Other priceless moments include finding cool stuff at mind-boggling bargain steals -- such as this vintage leather Wang-esque backpack that I scored on eBay for 5 BUCKS, or these platform booties I picked up at this Strawberry store in NYC for $24. It's like retail orgasm to say the least. ;P

PS: I'll be listing lots of cool dresses (some sweet vintage ones as well) on my eBay store, WILLOWGIRLNYC, by the end of the week. Stay tuned for some great finds at steal prices.

And for everyone who left those lovely comments in my previous outfit post, big bear hugs to you guys! 

PS: I just "revived" my tweets!
I will be updating like a mad woman.


stone cold fox


Quite possibly the most perfect lace top I've ever seen.

Stone Cold Fox via Stanton James
Check it out here

right now all my dreams are waking up


ph. by Lucas Velozo

Vintage 70's maxi dress (courtesy of mama)
Forever 21 crochet headband
Old Navy wedges
Wooden bangles (from St. Marks Pl)
my little boy, "Binks" 

I've been on a "semi-blogging hiatus" for the past few weeks (sorry guys), trying to work my butt off in the hopes of saving for my much anticipated vacay in Brazil this coming August. What better way to end the luscious summer days than a month-long trip to quintessential sexy-town, aka Rio de Janeiro! It'll be my first time setting foot in my boyfriend's hometown. Although I have a pretty good feeling that my shopaholic tendencies are gonna kick in when I peruse Rio's eye candy markets and shops, I'm already contemplating what cute little necessities to pack before I get there: easy breezy maxi dresses, denim cutoffs, bikinis, sandals and loads of crochet here and there (crochet is my current weakness). I promise to chronicle every bit of my exotic getaway with outfit snaps and picturesque landscapes!

Top mission starting (eh hemm) 6am tomorrow: hitting the gym for the next 23 DAYS to squeeze into a two-piece and "possibly" swearing off starchy goodies for the whole month. haha!

If you've been to Rio before, I'd absolutely love to hear your suggestions of cool restaurants, shops and any type of fun attractions worth checking out. :)
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