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going 'round in circles


(wearing vintage anorak, leather backpack score from Ebay, Guess Maeve boots, H&M chunky men's scarf and jeans)

"rain, rain (PLEASE) go away, come again another day!!!!"

The ideal remedy to dreary, chilly, damp days?

well, for me, that's cotton jammies, a hot bowl of ramen, multiple cups of tibetan tiger tea, under the blankets, watching marathons of The Office and LOST.

oh BOYY i need you

a storied journey through time

(my mom's going to kill me if she found out I posted her, but ah well.)


(wearing Sarah Jessica Parker Bitten trench, H&M organic hoodie, F21 shift dress, Proenza Schouler PS1 bag, Jeffrey Campbell Charli-C clogs)

Took a spontaneous Sunday "field trip" to NYC's long renowned AMNH with my bf and familia. I felt a bit nostalgic since I remember touring that museum when I was a little scruffy kid, especially when I peeked out of the 81st street station only to find that much-beloved Central Park as the first of my sightings. Ah, memories!

After strolling through the many eyeful historic exhibits from T-Rex to Genghis Khan (which strangely reminded me of Stiller's Night at the Museum this time around), we pretty much concluded our little tour with a must-see seating at the trippy space show, Journey to the Stars. Go Whoopi! If you haven't been, just gooo! I guarantee you'll have a delightful and may I stress again "TRIPPY" experience. My mom cracked me up too, saying that she wished she could turn her bedroom into one of those dome screens and just fall asleep watching artificial shooting stars and auroras all night long. haha!

ps: Thanks guys for the lovely comments on my previous "trinket" post. I'll continue to shop for more little addictive knickknacks to add to my humble abode and keep you updated.

trinkle of my musings


Sometimes it's all about the sincere little things that make you smile. And being that I'm a complete pack rat for all sorts of trinkets that are quaint, colorful, quirky, informative, or pretty much just emanating a lovely antiqued dose of history...I just had to share my personal and precious little musings so to speak.

Just a glimpse of what's adorning my room these days (from top to bottom):

1. Moroccan style teal bangle and vintage round jewelry box stacked on some pleasant tiny coffee table books (btw: Whitehead's Colossus of New York is a must read). Antique votive candle holders. Scalloped shell mirror that I spray painted white.

2. A better image of what's lined up on my fireplace mantle... A London painting that my boyfriend Lucas gave me during a happily spooky trip to the Tower of London, my interpretive sketch of a cat wearing Marc Jacobs (don't know what I was on about when I drew it but I liked it enough that I decided to frame it), white Ikea and Target trinkets (basically anything tiny, white, and ceramic I'll buy...oh, and if I can put a tea candle in it..yeah, even better!)

3. A close-up shot of the 70's antique wooden cat (possibly one of the best figurines I sneakily scooped up from my mom's living room). I wish I could detach that silver necklace nailed to its frame and wear it as an arm cuff.

4. My little mannequin when I feel like being silly and playing "stylist". Either that or a useful tool for my Ebay sellings.

5. More coffee table fashion books. I've collected loads and am still in the process of reading all of them. Consider them inspiration on a shelf.

6. A wood carved 1950s plaque that I found sadly collecting dust in my mom's basement. I just had to wipe it down and give it a new "home". Also, I admire the Hummel-style artwork and the significant message at the bottom.

something old something new


Stepped out in this look assuming that the peek of sunlight and slight hint of greener trees indicated warmer weather to be had. Hence, the choice of easy "breezy" light neutral hues. Evidently, however, the bf and I ended up freezing our bums off in this manic weather. But, on a nice note, this lovely random cat had an entertaining time just watching us shiver as we shot some pics.

Wearing vintage tan blazer and clutch, H&M ivory pants (which feel just like smooth pjs), Zara caged heels, F21 jewelry

chillin' in the chills


Just when Spring time was rearing its pretty face, this fickle weather decides to go shivery again! So weird when I heard there was a chance of snowflakes. Luckily, we still made it out to do a bit more shots with the new baby, since the sun peeked out a little today.

I can't wait to pull my frilly summery frocks this season. Freaking cold weather needs to go somewhere already! Oh, and on a very happy note, I just won a piece of my choice from the Goldie London Collection. Uhuuuu! I chose the Daisy Dress (another frilly favorite to add to my Spring/Summer wardrobe)...can't wait to feature it here.

Wearing: American Apparel top, H&M high-waisted grey trousers and rings, Steve Madden suede platform pumps, Matta scarf

my blessed nikon has arrived


I think it's safe to say that I'm officially OBSESSED with my new cam. For quite awhile now, I've been meaning to get Little Fashion Bird rolling again, and happily, it's time to make it happen!

Stay tuned for some streetstyle images (of others, including myself) as I scour the streets of Manhattan (and possibly London) with my other "photographer" in toe, my amazing boyfriend Lucas.

Here wearing: H&M navy ruffled maxi dress and rings, F21 faux leather cropped jacket and charm necklace, Jessica Simpson Dany Heels, vintage clutch
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