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papa don't preach

Ok, so I know this post is very random, but I've been listening to some old favorite tunes from back in the '80s, and came across this one on my ipod. This song was pretty much on "loop" in my cassette player from back in the day, just because I loved it THAT much. And now, watching her original video once again, I can't help but admire Madonna's ultra-chill take on style...those outfits and that sexy, slightly boy-ish platinum-blonde hair, maaaaan....ah, it leaves me feeling a bit speechless. Love it! And hope you guys enjoy it too!


Magdalena said...

completely agreed :)

phamzy said...

thank you for the comment! can't wait to see your photos with the denim jeans!see you around! do you want to exchange link? please let me know! thank you!

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