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lovely in odylyne


via ilovewildfox

These ethereal, scenic shots of a wildflower-filled meadow coupled with natural light, lace and peachy white hues gives me happy thoughts of mellow summer days. Now excuse me while I peruse through Odylyne's yummy goodies. I think I'd wear virtually everything in their collections.


SomedayNewYorker said...

The lace dress in the third to last photo is so delicate and pretty.

Katie said...

Beautiful! Love these.

kelly ann said...

these photos take my breath away! i want to go run through a field now. :)

carlyjcais said...

Lovely images - so beautiful and dreamy! Did you receive your sideways cross ring yet? Packages to the UK are taking ages recently!

BTW, I love your blog and so I nominated you for a blog award. You can get it here:

Don't forget to list 7 things about yourself and nominate some other bloggers to pass the award on to!

Thanks for the inspiration!

phresh-produce said...

such great pictures and beautiful clothes by ODYLYNE!!!

Jenny said...

SO etherial and pretty x

Hannah said...

love this, such gorgeous pics


Lucas Velozo de Melo Bento said...

Great the effect...did you take these pictures? Reminds me of a post of yours wearing a Goldie's dress...

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