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kate bosworth in all her coolness


Kate's style is incredibly effortless, yet so spot on. I love the frilly, subdued pattern of her skirt, and that jumper would go with virtually anything.


Katie said...

Kate always looks amazing!

coy colleen said...

so simple. i love that sweater i'd wear it all the time if i had it

Kara Marie said...

she pulls that look off very well! i would never think of wearing a sweatshirt with a skirt! she makes it look effortlessly chic.

kelly ann said...

her coolness really IS effortless, and that's what i love. she doesn't try too hard, her style seems totally authentic. it's refreshing!

Obsesiones de una Nina said...

Kate barely puts a foot wrong in the fashion stakes! She almways manages to look effortlessly cool! Cute blog, I am following :)

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