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russh magazine . issue 26

I was rummaging through my fashion mag shelves the other day (bear in mind, I'm one of those who virtually never chucks any precious issue in the trash), and was flipping through issue 26 of Australia's Russh Magazine, which proudly features South Africa's big time up-and-comer Behati Prinsloo. I skimmed this issue briefly while on my routine hops on the R train, but didn't really pour in the time and appreciation that this issue rightfully deserves. This time, however, I sat down and pierced each and every page much more intently. The styling in these editorials were undoubtedly spot on, oooooozing with unending sex appeal and edge, yet paired with a sense of nonchalance and "coolness" that makes fashion spreads, for me at least, more exciting when they're not so over-the-top or "fantastical". And after peeping Russh's online site as well, I think it's safe to say that this magazine has climbed to the very top of my list of mag faves.


Just wanted to share some of the photos. It's THAT gooood! 


Lainey said...

Awesome pictures!!!

Carlijn said...

amazing editorial wow

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