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peep my ebay closet.

Sooo, I've grown to love my little hobby called "ebay selling," and hopefully in the very near future, I'll create my first little official willowgirlnyc store on their site. I've picked up a few cool, rare vintage finds while in the city, rummaged a bit during my "bi-annual" closet clean up, and found some awesome things that I think the whole ebay community of fashion/vintage lovers might deem cool and interesting. 

Here are some of what I've listed so far. Check out the others here.


macyaverage said...

I want to get onto the whole ebay-thing, but I'm super reluctant.

and thanks for the comment! I'd love to swap links. I've linked you up to my page now :)

fourteenfashionstatements said...

the d and g bag is so cute, but the last pair of shoes is my pick :)

♥ fashion chalet said...

thanks sweetheart, i love the top in your profile pic, is it aa? :)


pangea said...

i love D&G...but i think u should post more pix of yourself


Tom Tuttle from Tacoma said...

i love those shoes.

macyavergae - i was reluctant to get into ebay until recently. i was excited but decided i'm an etsy fan after all.

i too like thrifting but we don't have it good like how it is in the states.

i wish i'd claimed all my 90s magazines when i moved. good that you're keeping the hobby alive.

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