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from oxford with love,

just thought to share some recent scenic pics from my trip to oxford, uk to visit my bf and his fam. it's a beautiful, breathtaking place filled with alot of brilliant people...literally. haha! 

i do heart oxford... 

(relaxing on the grounds of the gorgeous Headington Hill Hall...where he takes his classes.)


withasianstereotypes said...

I didn't even notice the scenic background haha. I could not get over how lovely you are. I adore your outfit and amazing hair darling.

KISS, China L.

C.Chico said...

great photos. i heart your blog!

xs said...

goodness, that place is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

the second foto is so lovely
im soooo into architecture which has made it really hard for me to pick an affordable University in New York

aaallabama said...

you're gorgeous girl & i love your blog :)

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