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simply irresistible

little fashion bird zara pointed black court shoes heels
Zara S/S 11 Pointed Court Shoes

These will go down as one of the most timeless designs that Zara has ever created. This style has some kind of seductive, yet classic "power suit" appeal circa 1990 (love the cut out sides).  I naturally envision Robert Palmer's "Simply Irresistible" video whenever I look at them. They made their debut in May and, much to my dismay, were instantaneously sold out within a week's time! It wasn't surprising though to eventually find them popping up on eBay for almost triple what their worth -- and yes, I ALMOST succumbed to my notorious impulsive shopper mode until last Monday. I managed to find three pairs hiding below some sweeping maxi dresses, with only one left in my size. Hallelujah to Zara's Herald Square!  :)


VeggieGirl said...

definitely timeless!! stunning.

too young for fashion said...

so in love with these shoes but when i tried them on, they were strangely uncomfortable. . probaly just my feet though. also, like you mentioned who cares about the tiny aches, these are such beautiful timeless shoes. last, love the books these shoes are stacked on. influence is probably my favorite book, reason why i own two copies (one with mary kate on the cover, one cover with ashley). books are such fabulous tools for decorating.

Taylor said...

These are so fantastic. We don't have Zara in Arizona, otherwise I would have stalked these down!

leonie said...

that angular cut of the front looks great


Lainey said...

Those shoes are so amazing. And I've wanted a pair for so long, but every time I've gone into a Zara, they no longer have it in my size. Perhaps, I'll have better luck on Ebay.

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