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Little Fashion Bird Atsuyo Et Akiko American Apparel Pink Clutch
American Apparel pink clutch, Atsuyo Et Akiko tote

Found myself using these bags on heavy rotation. While shooting in the Meatpacking, I saw that tote hanging on the display window in Yoya and immediately popped in the store and had to have it. Plus, all profits go to the relief efforts for the earthquake in Japan and tsunami in the Pacific, so all the more reason to have one. You can also buy it here. The AA leather clutch is something that I think everyone should least in one color. The soft leather and quality surpasses the price tag. I'm thinking to buy more in black, tan and fluorescent pink. The one I have now has a soft blush tone that's versatile with all sorts of looks. And I'm hoping they'll bring back the cotton candy colors, because those were a pair of beauties. 


Anonymous said...

I still need to pick up one of these aa clutches, they're so perfect.

Ice Pandora said...

Beautiful bag! I love linnen totes so much ^__^
Support Japan x

Taylor said...

I really need to just suck it up and buy that AA clutch. I want the black so bad.

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