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(scooped this necklace from a native vendor who lives in the Amazon. It's like a little exotic purse for my neck. This came with a precious stone inside, which is believed to give strength.)

Tried to practice the less is more theory when it came to packing shoes for my month-long Brazil trip. And those 3 pairs (JS Danys, Zara clogs and Chiffon wedges) are my absolute favorites at the moment. As you can see from the wedges, the chiffon is getting quite a bit ratty considering what they've been through so far. I've been trekking around Rio with all those babies (flip-flops, however, always in toe as my safety precaution device when I encounter frightening cracked turf). I'm also expanding my collection of new "flair" for my fingers, arms and's become a pleasant addiction, especially with all those heavenly Brazilian street vendors flocking about.


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Kate said...

aww those shoes!! and a trip to Brazil, wow that's amazing!


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