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old brick alley ways


photography by Lucas Velozo

H&M racerback maxi and sunglasses
eBay vintage leather backpack (I'd like to believe it's A. Wang)
Anne Michelle "bargain!" platform booties
Express black sheer blouse
vintage cross necklace (courtesy of my nana)
Marc Jacobs Maripol spring ring
H&M and F21 rings

My boyfriend, Lucas, recently spoiled me with an awesome new lens for our Nikon, so (as you can see) we went a bit snapshot crazy outside this time. I'm looking forward to much more personal style photos with this baby, particularly since our Brazil trip is heading upon us in about 2 measly little weeks! 

I haven't really rounded up a "what to pack" (or otherwise wear) checklist yet, but from the looks of it, I'm leaning towards these trusty, no-fuss maxi style dresses (both the girly, boho kinds and the clean, minimal racerback ones). I recently picked up this heather-grey-oatmeal-ish colored simple dress at H&M a couple days ago, and I'm not sure whether it's the supple soft feel I love more or the fact that it cut my "get ready and go" time to a mere 3 minutes at most. I love those moments when I'm not standing in my closet, twiddling my fingers and actually believing in my head, "I have nothing to wear." Other priceless moments include finding cool stuff at mind-boggling bargain steals -- such as this vintage leather Wang-esque backpack that I scored on eBay for 5 BUCKS, or these platform booties I picked up at this Strawberry store in NYC for $24. It's like retail orgasm to say the least. ;P

PS: I'll be listing lots of cool dresses (some sweet vintage ones as well) on my eBay store, WILLOWGIRLNYC, by the end of the week. Stay tuned for some great finds at steal prices.

And for everyone who left those lovely comments in my previous outfit post, big bear hugs to you guys! 

PS: I just "revived" my tweets!
I will be updating like a mad woman.



Hannah said...

i love the maxi :)

i cant figure out if i'm gona be able to pull them off....still trying to decide about them.


kelly ann said...

love your rings, and nail colour! :)

Katie said...

Beautiful pics!

The Heart Of Fashion said...

Cute outfit and I want all of yuor rings!! ALL!! :)


CMA said...

you've got an inspirational blog
please keep it coming, i'll definitely be back!
thanks for sharing.


Lainey said...

You are in such great shape! And I adore that maxi. I want it in black!

*rachelwears said...

oo i have just found your blog and really love it, esp the style of all your photos. i don't think i could pull of a maxi but you rock it here, love it. you are sooo pretty and have amazing hair :)

Lucas Velozo de Melo Bento said...

Awesome pictures! YOU LOOK Gorgeous! I love the dress!!

BreakingOutOfTheShell<3 said...

adore your blog and <3 your rings!!
just found your blog and now i follow :)


LifestyleBohemia said...

Love the rings - gorgeous!

Fashion-rocks said...

Amazingly beautiful

Sonja P. said...

Your blog is: INSPIRATION! Definitely!
REally cool pics and the rings are amazing!


S. said...

I realy love your style :)

( Tell me what do you think about my blog . )

XOXO Salt of Looser Teenager .

marlee (eclectiq.MIND*) said...

love the red lip and the heels =] i need that nailpolish, love the color !

mon journal pas très intime said...

You look gorgeous !

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