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finding peace in the summer heat


photography by Lucas Velozo and me
 Givenchy-esque bandage platform wedges (Anna Kastle)
Crochet bell-sleeve boho dress (Papillon Vintage)
Louis Vuitton crossbody bag (courtesy of my lovely mama)
H&M feather necklace
Jessica Simpson Dany platforms

As if these photos couldn't get more random...but perhaps consider this my photo collage of current little fashion loves that recently entered my life coupled with the new paint job to my "humble abode." First off, I can't stress enough about how much I'm idolizing this long-time fabric favorite we all know as crochet. Whenever I'm scouring shops for a quick retail fix I always find some cosmic magnetic pull to this style, whether it be in the form of dresses, frilly blouses, headbands and even swimwear. Next up are my most recent addition, those yummy chiffon platform wedges in the first two photos -- while I sincerely adore the fierce Givenchy wedges to death, these pleasantly satiate my shoe craving without damaging my wallet. Also, they're remarkably comfortable as though I'm walking on chic marshmallows.

Did a fresh new paint job to my crib space with a calming hue of "Greek Villa" white. With the summer heat beating upon us, I felt the need to find another outlet of "cooling down" since the AC wasn't always enough. I posted my room awhile back (check it out here) when it was a bold peacock blue-ish color (inspired by Bradshaw lol). Now I think after several spontaneous paint jobs (and there were MANY), this white hue whispers complete perfection, especially when paired with my classic "Keep Calm and Carry On" poster that I'll cherish for life (thanks to SFGIRLBYBAY).

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Katie said...

I love the shoes!

What is Reality Anyway? said...

that dress is gorgeous on you!!!!!!

liv said...

love these shots.. AND THE SHOES..!! perfection.

x x x x liv

kelly ann said...

those shoes are dreamy! and i just love your dress... you're so pretty. :)

leonie said...

in lovelovelove with the nudepink wedges!!

StuddedLilly said...

gorgeous shots and gorgeous you!! :)

mon journal pas très intime said...

I loooove your style, and your hair !
Lovely blog :)
Narjess from Tunisia

S. said...

Thank's for your comment . And you know what , i realy like your look , again ! Now i think i am a real fan of you , Why ? Because your are amazing :)

XOXO Salt Of LooserTeenager Blog .

Love !

fashion clocked said...

The dress looks awesome on you, and love it teamed with the chunky vertiginous dany's!!! Amazing chiffon wedges and i guess the shots are around your place then- all looking gorgeous and sounds like you have been busy painting- the white is a perfect backdrop for all you yummy possesions!xxxx
fashion clocked
I would love you to visit.xx Katie.x

Ashley said...

I love both of your shoes, the Givenchy-esque wedges and the Jessica Simpson Dany's! I just bought a pair of the Dany's in tan, and they are soooo scary to walk in! I envy you looking so comfortable in them :)


Sarah said...

LOVE the shoes! so pretty! Great blog dear xx

Ashley said...

just discovered your blog from Nana in Wonderland! I love it, you are gorgeousss. I'm so jealous of your shoes, I've been lusting over those Dany platforms FOREVER. haha. :)

Sara said...

Omg I want those wedges!!

Alexis Holden said...

I love the bandage wedges! the color is perfection!

Charleston said...

love the romantic bandage wedges x

Ro said...

i'm so so so in love with your pink wedges!
they're amazing!

Song of Style said...

looooooooove that dress.
I want to wear that dress right now!

Dylana Suarez said...

gorgeous dress!

Marta y Atenea said...

That shoes are just amazing! and you are looking very hot, these pics are such a great job!
Kisses from CHORA,

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