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id request, por favor?

I first spotted this inspiring image on KnightCat and since then it still fails to escape my thoughts. Its deep v-shaped back, beige hue, and overall weight and texture is too perfect to forget. Can someone please ID this sweater? You'll be a true life saver. =)

Mystery revealed! The answer is MODEKUNGEN and sadly it's sold out.
Hope this will make a comeback.

Thank you to Cylia and Vanessa for the help. I really appreciate it!


Raspberry Jam said...

Awesome sweater!


Blithely Unaware said...

LOVE that sweater!!!

Vasilieva said...

fabulous chunky knit

amalie said...

i soo want this sweater too! not sure where it is from tough...

H. Houdini said...

great sweater... i love knits :)

Cylia said...

hey girl:) olivia from lustforlife has a similar one:

she got it at! I was trying to find it for you, but I couldn't find it.

Vanessa said...


TheStrawberryFields said...

Once something is sold out on modekungen they dont tend it get it back in stock but do keep an eye out on the site because they do amazing stuff,link to it on my page x

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