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couple favorite things

urban outfitters jewelry amethyst raven skull
topshop antique boots
 UO mineral amethyst necklace,  UO raven skull necklace, UO tribal rings, Topshop Antique boots

Here's a few items that I find myself resorting to before anything else. I simply can't get enough of Urban Outfitters "flair". Whenever I drop by a store (which has developed into a weekly basis), my first stop is its jewelry section. Crazy affordable things that I wear constantly. I also couldn't overlook posting these Topshop boots. They're by far the MOST comfortable everyday shoes in my closet. And the next best thing: they go with literally every outfit I throw on. I consider these to be one of the smartest purchases I've made in footwear, since most of my closet is composed of platform five-inchers, which at times make it impossible to hussle for a cab or the subway. They're also a bit like the Isabel Marant boots, which have been on my wish list forever, so that's a definite bonus.


KatjaKCN said...

L0VEE all of the jewelery!

oncee again and as always FABULOUS POST!

xo KCN

KatjaKCN said...

L0VEE all of the jewelery!

oncee again and as always FABULOUS POST!

xo KCN

H. Houdini said...

great rings

Anazuz said...

I love your jewellery!

amalie said...

looove the jewelry!

Raspberry Jam said...

Love the jewelry!


leonie said...

that amethyst necklace is wicked!


Hannah said...

im in love with the skull necklace!

fab accessories!

Ria said...

Love the boots, they definitely give me a Isabel Marant feel. Also that amethyst necklace is basically perfect.

P.S - Thanks for enabling Name/Url commenting. You rock.

Mercado said...

Oh I love your style... and those shoes :) can you tell me if they fit true-to-size (what size you bought and what size you normally are? Any help would be appreciated! Thank you and Hello from Australia!! -Mezz

ModeKarussell said...

That jewelry is so damn inspirating! Thanks for sharing.

Hope you'll stumble over my blog too ;)

Michelle Goldie said...

Great Post ! you own amazing rings and I love these boots

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