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Little Fashion Bird Lauren Baluyo
Little Fashion Bird Lauren Baluyo
Little Fashion Bird Lauren Baluyo

shown wearing: Scala outback hat, Topshop cocoon jumper, H&M fringe bucket bag

Here's a few shots of a couple items I bought after succumbing to a recent hazardous retail frenzy (more pics coming soon). This Scala outback hat conveys a special kind of cool Aussie-ness with its slightly curved wide-brims that flare up a bit on the sides and dip down at the back. This, along with the speckled yellow feather, sold me. Also picked up this retro-like fringe bag at H&M without thinking twice.  It's bucket-shaped, has a minimal amount of gold studs and a series of fringe and tassels all around. I'll surely be lugging this little one everywhere.


Jessica said...

i love that bag so much!
it's pretty much a really great find!


you are stunning miss. love the knit and that bag is so adorable!


Lainey said...

Scala hats are the best aren't they? My husband has a couple, and I always end up borrowing them. Love the bag too!

KatjaKCN said...

OMGGG You look soo pretty!! You can pull off that hat like no other :-D

Fabulous post love!

xo KCN

Anazuz said...

baby you are best! yeah, i like your bag and your eyelines!!!
if you want you can go to see my blog
xoxo, Anazuz

fashion clocked said...

wow love the hat- looks amazing- the fringe bag i cant believe is h&m i adore the bucket shaped bags and the fringing is super cool! stunning.Katie.xx
fashion clocked

stylecrasher said...

ohhh i love how you paired the jumper with the hat <3 lovely pictures

Raspberry Jam said...

Love your bag!


TheStrawberryFields said...

I have that bag it was a bit of a guilty pleasure but at a fab price!!!

Gawgus things... said...

LOVE this hat - you look amazing :) xxx

amalie said...

love your bag! you look great xx

Vasilieva said...

adore that hat

penelope sarah Armstrong said...

I have this bag!

used it every day since I bought it!

you look delightful!

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