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chestnut fringe


via WhoWhatWear blog
The breathtaking Daisy Lowe for Biba S/S 2011

I've been playing with the idea of dying my hair a deep, rich brown like this and chopping a fresh set of bangs. Always a little hesitant though because whenever I did in the past, I felt like a kindergarten kiddo. Should I go for it?!  


too young for fashion said...

love these photos as well as your blog! you have great style. love the litas, awang cardigan, the leopard bag. . . and the way you pair your rings, following you. . check out my blog

wonder forest said...

amazing photos... and yes you should try the hair!!

I am following you from my blog, wonder forest :) thank you so much for adding my banner too!!


Lainey said...

I think that's a wonderful idea. If my forehead wasn't so narrow, I would do the same thing.

Nettie said...

These are gorgeous photos. And why not try right? :) You'd look good I bet. :)

Siblings said...

lovin' the pictures!! i do think you should! just go for a longer cut then the regular blunt cut. it wont make you look younger. like kate moss' for instance? looove her fringe!

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