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lanvin for h&m

video clip via nitrolicious

Words can't begin to express my adoration for this Lanvin for H&M fashion show/short film. I'm highly anticipating the arrival of this collection, which is slated to hit US stores on November 20 and then worldwide on November 23. Mark your calendars! I will surely be darting to my nearest H&M in NYC when it arrives!

On my radar: the insanely ruffled one-shoulder chartreuse dress, as well as the black one with the perfectly pouffed shoulder.


fashion clocked said...

must admit im excited for this collection the jewel shoes, the fur, the black pouffed shoulders dress, and the bright pink necklace to mix with chunky knits and lots of grey.....yummmmmm.Katie.xx

fashion clocked

Nyemale said...

I'm actually considering taking off of work for such a monumental occasion, I'm ecstatic!

FauxFur, not Friendships

Anonymous said...

Yeah, this collection indeed looks really great. I'm getting kinda excited for this :)
Best wishes

CaliforniaCandy said...

You have a beautiful blog! And your freckles are adorable!

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