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nasty gal you're evil but i love you


Foxy Platforms

I think I'm about to cave in. The Jessica Simpson Danys (the spot-on knockoff to Charles Anastase) have become one of my all-time favorite pairs I've ever owned (proudly have the pewter ones courtesy of my amazing bf). But I've been on a desperate shopping pilgrimage in hopes of finding the slightly more versatile black versions, which have pretty much vanished from all existence. And I'm not trying to shell out 300 bucks and up on the ones listed on ebay. A teeny bit tempting, but NO way.

I've now found these babies in the midst of Nasty Gal's many new addictingly gotta-have-it-all stock pile.


Katie said...

Love these!

Rebecca said...

gosh, they are to die for!

Kelly said...

Ah I want these so badly too!!

Following you on bloglovin!! :)

Mez said...

LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVEEEEEE these shoes!! I've seen them pop up in so many blogs today!!! I hope you get them lady.

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fashionclocked said...

hey lovely- ahh you have just sent me into the crazy should i shouldnt i purchase frenzy now there is hope i can have a pair i have scoured the earth for!!!xxx
fashion clocked
would be great if you stopped by
kisses katie.xxxx

h a u t e . m e s s said...

Oh lady I say go for it. You only live once (use that for justification) so a girl should have the foxiest platforms if she wants. THOSE are incredible.

Rosa Couture said...

i think we all need...!!!

check out my brand new blog and let me know what you think! :)

<3 follow

Lori said...

id say get them! ;)

Lainey said...

Trust me, if I had the money right now, I would so get them!

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