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which one which one???


These have been on my mind for awhile. Beautiful gems. But which one is best?!
Damn it, I want them all. Help me choose please.


kelly ann said...

oh goodness, i am LOVING necklaces like these right now - they're gorgeous! i couldn't choose... they're all amazing!

Katie said...

They're all beautiful :)

Clare said...

Wow, these are awesome, love the firey red one.

Love from Tweet


fashionclocked said...

wow these are pure magic! I would say all are beautiful- they are but if i had to choose..... hmmmm i seem to be drawn to the top left or middle of the second row...?? katie
look forward to seeing your pick! xx

LifestyleBohemia said...

OMG, seriously, it's impossible to choose! These are all gorgeous. I would say to get one that would match most things, since I anticipate you will be wearing this gorgeous necklace all the time.
Have a great day!

that girl lucy said...

yess, i found the website for these babies via tumblr the other day and totally fell in love!
ohh such a hard choice, i know this isn't very helpful but they would all look amazing!

Copious Couture said...

The bigger, the brighter, the better!!!! My favourite is the first row and the first, the fifth, the sixth and the last!!!!

Get them all!

Georgia said...

Middle and Top Right definitely. They're monsters, I love them
It would be mine

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