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a storied journey through time

(my mom's going to kill me if she found out I posted her, but ah well.)


(wearing Sarah Jessica Parker Bitten trench, H&M organic hoodie, F21 shift dress, Proenza Schouler PS1 bag, Jeffrey Campbell Charli-C clogs)

Took a spontaneous Sunday "field trip" to NYC's long renowned AMNH with my bf and familia. I felt a bit nostalgic since I remember touring that museum when I was a little scruffy kid, especially when I peeked out of the 81st street station only to find that much-beloved Central Park as the first of my sightings. Ah, memories!

After strolling through the many eyeful historic exhibits from T-Rex to Genghis Khan (which strangely reminded me of Stiller's Night at the Museum this time around), we pretty much concluded our little tour with a must-see seating at the trippy space show, Journey to the Stars. Go Whoopi! If you haven't been, just gooo! I guarantee you'll have a delightful and may I stress again "TRIPPY" experience. My mom cracked me up too, saying that she wished she could turn her bedroom into one of those dome screens and just fall asleep watching artificial shooting stars and auroras all night long. haha!

ps: Thanks guys for the lovely comments on my previous "trinket" post. I'll continue to shop for more little addictive knickknacks to add to my humble abode and keep you updated.


gorgeousclara said...

I can´t live without these clogs any more!!!...I think I´ll need to get them tomorrow...

lauren baluyo said...

hehe go go go go! there's still time! check our!


Fashion Monstre said...

omg omg omg! i love this outfit!

plaisirs simples said...

LOVe the PS1 bag....want it SO BAD!

that girl lucy said...

ahhh clogs!!
those ones are perfect.
look amazing on you :)

veronicaa said...

i adore this outfit!
the clogs look great on you.
awesome style.
xo veronica

Copious Couture said...

I love your clogs!!! I ordered them and am patiently awaiting them... and your post just confirmed how awesome they are!!!


Clara said...

amazing look
lovely blog

Wanderlusting said...

You're so pretty! :)

Love the clogs, I want them too but the trouble is they would fly right off my feet! It's happened with mules/clogs before

Happy Humpday! :P
xx00 Lusty

Mode Junkie said...

cant wait to get my clogs too! you rock them babe! and that ps1 is killin me. so jealous!

and pS: yes, h&m is the best!


Lis said...

Love the clogs! Nice blog!

Marta y Atenea said...

Nice clogs! Tremendous outfit.

freckles and fringe said...

I want your bag and clogs. Bookmarking.

Coco said...

Gah, I want clogs so badly but I can't find any decent ones here in Australia. Booo!

Thavasa said...

Love your clogs... makes me want one too! You wear it so well :)

Lainey said...

This is my favorite look of yours to date! I love the bag! I'm obsessed with the bag! sigh.

Maria said...

You're so pretty!! Love the colour of your hair. and I'm so jealous of your proenza bag!! It's perfection.

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