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i'm a sucker for big hair

it's funny -- I find myself unable to jet out my house without a good session with my blowdryer and a few injections of mousse. big hair has been a little obsession of mine for quite some time.

here's a little homage to some lovely ladies with gorgeous locks.



MiaChérie said...

beautiful pics!
<3 mia

Lucy said...

such gorgeous photos - the hair really makes it, doesn't it? x

:: Gina :: said...

i thought i had seen every picture of miss Jolie ... she's always been my muse,

love her!

i dont usually follow fashion blogs but Ive been persuing yours and I LIKE IT! =D

have a lovely day, darlin!

Lucy said...

Everyone says i should feel lucky that i have big hair but actually its just a big frizzball! :(

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