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i heart stockholm's caroline blomst

style eye-candy that I can stare at for days.

this woman is awesome.


Emma Robinson said...

She is so amazing! How come you stoped blogging for a while?
Glad your back :)

Fashion Monstre said...

omg i'm litterally dying!!!!!!! and that royal blue ring!!!!!!!!!

lauren baluyo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lauren baluyo said...

Yeeeaah! I'm really feeling her style so much - every image I've seen of her is amazing.

Emma - Yes! I'll be getting the ball rollin with more posts. Thanks for following my blog. Check back often!

Victoire said...

Caroline has the best style ever. My friend met her when she came to vienna :)

Dominique said...

She is amazing. And I hate her for that YSL ring, lol!

Walk The Sand said...

She's truly awesome. Great post.

Gloria fait son show said...

woow she is just amazing..really love her style! great blog:)

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