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here comes the sun

Hey guys! My sincere apologies for not keeping up with my posts in the past weeks. Just got back from spending some unforgettable, much awaited quality time with my boyfriend and his amazing familia! Though I'm still finding it a bit difficult getting back to the usual daily grind (while missing him sooo damn much!), its nice to come home and FINALLY bask in some true Springtime weather. 

The weekend forecast calls for some hot, hot and sunny 85 degree temps (whoOhoO!!!), so I'm definitely anticipating a few pleasant strolls through NYC, and may even make a stop in Nolita tomorrow to check out Mayle's last sample sale ever before she finally closes up shop. I still can't get over that this talented and fairly iconic designer is actually bidding adieu for good. Then again, with this vicious recession, even the industry's most beloved can surely bite the dust. Let's hope our other favorites stay in the game. 

On a happy note, however, with a little bit of spending money in my pocket, I'm thinking of devising a tiny summer wishlist and spoiling myself with a few cool pieces to add to the wardrobe (will post that up shortly). Now, time to put those coats, heavy jackets, and chunky sweaters to rest, and say hello to cutoffs, tanks, and some pretty, frilly dresses!

//wearing UO greyish diy cropped tank, Zara boyfriend jeans, Express plaid cowboy buttoned shirt, and Bakers ankle booties//


Lainey said...

I missed your posts! I love your cropped tank and flannel. So relaxed but stylish at the same time.

Stephanie said...

You look amazing!!! this outfit is soo MK-like and you totally pull it off!!!!

Thanks for checking out leChic! I really appreciate your feedback ;)

also, i love the song playing- it's a favourite.


CultureCynic said...

u r rather prettiful!! amazing laid back look!!!!oooo and ur hair is glorious!!!

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